Dog Travels Four Miles to Alert Family After Owner Gets Into Serious Car Accident

Dog Travels Four Miles to Alert Family After Owner Gets Into Serious Car Accident

Facebook / Baker County Sheriff's Office

There are certain dog breeds that are often used in search and rescue operations, but one dog recently went above and beyond to save his human, who had been involved in a serious car accident.

According to a social media post from the Baker County Sheriff’s Office in eastern Oregon, a man named Brandon Garrett was overdue to return to his campsite, where his family was waiting for him, earlier this month. The reason for his tardiness was that he’d been driving along U.S. Forest Service Road 39 when he failed to negotiate a curve and fell off an embankment.

At the time, he was traveling with four of his dogs. As Garrett crawled away from the wreckage as best he could, still stranded, one of his dogs booked it four miles back to the campsite. When the dog arrived, Garrett’s family knew something was wrong.

The next day, they found Garrett and his car, which were both out of reach, and called dispatch for help. His faithful pup was also on site, ready to help his human.

Search and rescue crews were able to reach Garrett, place him in a rescue basket, and pull him over to the other side of the ravine to safety with a rope system. He was given first aid and ultimately airlifted to a hospital for further treatment. Fortunately, his other three dogs were also alive and brought to safety.

The sheriff’s office thanked others who helped retrieve Garrett and his pups, writing, “Baker County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Baker County Search and Rescue, Pine Valley Rural Fire District, Halfway Ambulance, Life Flight and the U.S. Forest Service for their assistance during this rescue.”

No doubt that assistance also included Garrett’s faithful dog and his four-mile journey to help his person. You can read more about the incident, and the brave dog, here.

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