Golden Retriever Finds a Forever Friend with the Puppy Next Door

Golden Retriever Finds a Forever Friend with the Puppy Next Door

If there is one thing that we all need in life, it's a friend. We treasure the friendships that we have, and we welcome the opportunity to bring new friends into our lives.

This isn't only true of humans; dogs need friends as well. One family discovered this when they moved, along with their golden retriever, Brinkley, to a new location.

Shortly after moving, they realized that Brinkley was missing his old friends. He had a beautiful personality, but that personality changed, and he was moping more often than not.

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That is when something unexpected happened. The neighbors got a new puppy, and after talking to them, Brinkley's family realized his name was Cedar.

When Brinkley saw Cedar for the first time, he was absolutely ecstatic. The two of them visited at the fence, and it wasn't long before they struck up quite a friendship.

Brinkley's mom and dad asked if Cedar could come over for a play date, but the puppy was only nine weeks old at the time. They wanted to wait until a more appropriate time, and that is when the timer started.

To make sure they knew when the play day would happen, they kept a calendar on the refrigerator. Every day, Brinkley would wait at the top of the stairs and then run down to the calendar until the day was crossed off. It was an adorable routine.

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They also did their best to keep Brinkley occupied during the time they were waiting. They went on long walks and took him to his favorite place, the beach.

His favorite time, however, was when he was able to visit Cedar at the fence. At one point, Cedar even was digging under the fence, and although Brinkley's mom knew she should've stopped it, she secretly wished it would happen.

They say that good things come to those who wait, and that is exactly what happened to Brinkley and his family. The day arrived when they would have their play date, and when the gate was opened, it was an absolutely adorable frenzy.

Brinkley and Cedar were so excited that they started chasing each other around, flipping over, getting muddy, and loving life.

Thanks to Cedar, Brinkley now has a best buddy again. His parents are also happy, feeling that they made the right move.

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