Adorable Video Of A Woman Surprising Her BF With A Puppy Ends With An Unexpected Twist

Adorable Video Of A Woman Surprising Her BF With A Puppy Ends With An Unexpected Twist

Who doesn’t like surprises?

I’m talking about the happy kind of surprise like a secret birthday celebration or suddenly receiving some good news.

Surely anyone would love to get surprises, but there’s this one video I saw where a woman surprised her boyfriend with something wonderful, and yet all he could say was that it was bad timing.

Uhm, is this a red flag?

“Surprising my boyfriend with the puppy he has wanted since he was a kid.”

Just reading that caption is already heartwarming, so why would her boyfriend say that it was bad timing?

Hold on to your hats, folks. This is probably one of the craziest displays of fateful coincidence I have ever seen.

Chelsea asks her boyfriend, Justin, why giving him a dog, an adorable Basset Hound puppy, is “really bad timing,” and her boyfriend replies, “This is really bad timing – I’m so happy should probably go look in my truck.”

Now my first thought here was that maybe the boyfriend already bought his dream dog, but what happened is so much better.

“Are you kidding me?” The woman says and she goes outside to check on their truck while her boyfriend laughs in the background.

“What the–”

Lo and behold, Chelsea’s dream dog waited for her in the truck.

Apparently, Chelsea told Justin that she wanted to get a chocolate lab when they got married. Judging from the caption, they weren’t married yet when this happened, so this might mean so much more to the couple that just surprise puppies!

The original video is unfortunately unavailable right now, but a Twitter account reposted the video with the caption that said, “Sometimes people are so obviously meant to be.”

(Fair warning: the video contains a bit of swearing.)

Even though the sudden addition of two puppies in their household might seem overwhelming, the couple decided to still keep both dogs.

Here’s a video of all of their four dogs playing in their yard! (Also, I read the comments on some of Chelsea’s videos, and it seems like the couple is married now, since Chelsea’s been replying to people who are referring to Justin as her husband.”

@chelsearenee46 I may have forgotten that the boys make 4 🥲☺️❤️ #dogsoftiktok #puppiesoftiktok #puppytiktok ♬ Dandelions (slowed + reverb) - Ruth B. & sped up + slowed

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