Mistreated Monkey Kept In Tiny Cage In Basement Needs Your Help To Recover

Mistreated Monkey Kept In Tiny Cage In Basement Needs Your Help To Recover

Meet Zosia.

She has lived her entire life as a prisoner in a small cage unable to turn around or climb. As if that wasn't bad enough, she was kept in a lightless basement and fed only beets to eat. It is a miracle that she survived.

 width= Photo: Home of Rescued Animals

Home of Rescued Animals in Ukraine took her in and told us, "The harsh conditions she endured took a devastating toll on Zosia's body, evident to anyone who saw her. Her physique bears the marks of her ordeal, with bodily deformities, a chest shaped like a wheel, and a hump on her back. These physical challenges, along with internal health issues, have made it nearly impossible for her to achieve a normal body weight, even with specialized nutrition. Regrettably, many of these problems cannot be fully rectified through treatment alone. Zosia requires lifelong support and care, which we are committed to providing. Our mission is to offer her the best possible living conditions, ensuring she can find comfort and care for the remainder of her days."

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The shelter reached out to Greater Good Charities' Emergency Animal Medical fund for help. The fund was created for cases like this. Animals like Zosia will get a second chance at life thanks to the grants offered to rescues to cover medical expenses.

We need your help to care for Zosia and give her the life she deserves.


Home of Rescued Animals, also called Domivka Shelter, is a sanctuary in Lviv, Ukraine, for wild and livestock animals. The animals are rescued from terrible situations and provided a safe place to live out their lives. Since the war, they have also taken in dogs, cats, and any other animal in need.

 width= Photo: Home of Rescued Animals

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They are in need of veterinary supplies to continue to care for animals as well as heaters to keep them warm this winter. Join us in helping animals in Ukraine by donating below.

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