Woman Is Upset After MIL Excludes Her from Family Girls' Trip

Woman Is Upset After MIL Excludes Her from Family Girls' Trip

There are times when we may feel as if we are in the right and we go looking for personal justification. If you dig deeply enough, however, you may just find that you have been the problem all along.

One woman found this out all too well when she went on Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong. She was upset because her mother-in-law had excluded her from a family girls' vacation.

It all started a few years ago when they were on a family vacation and OP and the mother-in-law got in a huge argument.

The OP didn't give many details, but she did say she missed an 'important' family dinner at a restaurant where her in-laws met.

She Justifies Her Actions

In order to justify the rude behavior, she said that she doesn't like to 'schedule stuff out' when on vacation. Her in-laws had paid for her and her husband to go, but she just wanted to explore and have fun.

Long story short, she claims she got distracted and missed dinner.

Things took a turn when she found out recently that her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law were going away to California. It was a trip they had been planning for a year, but the daughter-in-law was left out of the plans.

When she asked one of the girls why her mother didn't invite her, she said it was because of the fight they had about the anniversary dinner on the previous vacation.

The OP said that she is the 'kind of person who likes to deal with things head-on, no petty bs.' She decided to call her mother-in-law, and at first, her MIL said it wasn't personal.

The MIL explained that she wanted to plan some activities when they were in California, and she knew that the daughter-in-law was not one for itineraries.

She Still Wanted To Go

After hearing this, the OP got upset and told her that she could still come 'hang out with them at the beach and hotel' while the rest of them went on their planned itinerary.

This didn't sit well with the mother-in-law, who said she wouldn't pay for a flight and hotel just for her daughter-in-law to 'choose to stand up to everyone.'

As you can imagine, things got heated quickly, and the mother-in-law blurted out that she would never pay for another trip after she had ruined her anniversary trip.

After some bitter words, they hung up.

Not The Response She Wanted

The OP wanted some justification for her actions, so she sent text messages to her sisters-in-law. When she woke up the next day, she had many messages telling her to grow up and that the mother-in-law was not the only one who didn't want her there.

At first, her husband supported her, but after he got 'chewed out' by his mother, he bowed out of the discussion.

I'm sure that the OP wanted people to stroke her ego and help her burning conscience, but it didn't turn out that way. Looking down through the comments, I don't see anyone who stood by her side.

Perhaps there are two sides to every story, but it seems as if we heard enough of both sides in this story to make a judgment call.

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