Gorgeous Lady Nicknamed Thumper Would Like to Join Your Family Unit

Gorgeous Lady Nicknamed Thumper Would Like to Join Your Family Unit

Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue

Meet Cash, whose foster dad says Honey would be a better name for her because she's the same color as the sweet, sticky, golden stuff, and she just so happens to be the most affectionate canine he has ever met.

Cash was raised with three children, some chickens, and five dogs, so she's got the hang of socializing with kids and other animals. She has lived with cats and even tried to play with one once, but she ended up getting swatted, so now she just sort of avoids them. But that's okay as long as she's not chasing them or antagonizing them.

For the Love of a Yellow Lab

Kids call her Thumper because she is so happy to be with humans her tail is always wagging. She can obviously live with other animals but would be just as happy being the only pet in your home, given the right amount of love and attention. Like most Labs, she really just wants to be with you.

The Best Low-Maintenance Pets

Cash is in excellent health and is house-trained and crate trained. She adores car rides, walks, and hikes, but mostly snuggles with you, which she enjoys very much. Low maintenance, she is gentle with children and with her elderly foster brother, who also has four paws.

Pets That Like to Snuggle

Toys, balls, and stuff like that are not really her personality style. Instead, her favorite things to do at approximately 7 years old are to cuddle with people and lounge in the sun. You know, typical Lab things. If you want a low-maintenance kind of gal, Cash — aka Honey, aka Thumper — just might be the one for you.

If you're interested in adopting Cash or you'd like to try to learn a little bit more about her, you can contact Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue in Scottsdale, Arizona, through their website or by calling (480) 899-LABS (5227).

Rebecca West

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