YouTuber Grace Helbig Opens Up About Breast Cancer Diagnosis And Fears About Telling Her Doctor

YouTuber Grace Helbig Opens Up About Breast Cancer Diagnosis And Fears About Telling Her Doctor

As a woman, one thing we're taught to do is regularly check our breasts for abnormal lumps and bumps and to share with our doctor. After all, breast cancer isn't something to mess around with!

It's not just lumps in the breast we should share with our doctors though. Anything abnormal that's going on with our health is important to bring up and discuss. Even if it's something silly and small, it's better to share any concerns and be safe over sorry. Despite that, it can feel embarrassing or even pointless to schedule a doctor appointment over something that's "probably nothing."

That's a struggle YouTuber Grace Helbig recently went through. She shared in am emotional YouTube video that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she was initially afraid of asking her doctor about the lump in her breast and looking "stupid."

"I really had to like talk myself into bringing it up to [the doctor] in the appointment. Because I thought I was just a stupid little girl who didn't know how girl bodies work, and it's probably just muscle tissue," Helbig shared in the video.

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Thankfully, she listened to that tiny voice in the back of her head, and she did mention the lump to her doctor. The doctor referred her for further testing, and the diagnosis came back as cancer.

Because of the type of cancer and that it was caught early, Helbig's medical team believes it's possible to treat. She plans to undergo six rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and hormonal therapy.

"Get those lumps checked. And do not be afraid to ask a doctor what you might think is a stupid question," she said.

You can watch her full video below:

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