Fearless Grandmother Amazes the Internet As She Finishes a Rope Cycling Course

Fearless Grandmother Amazes the Internet As She Finishes a Rope Cycling Course

You don't hit the stop or pause button as soon as you reach an age to be considered a senior citizen. There are a lot of things you can still look forward to in life, especially keeping the bond with your family. You can be busy by traveling, learning a new recipe, making pottery, creating art, and more. With determination and consistency, you can surprise others with what you can do at your age. There are living proofs you can find on the internet that will amaze and inspire you. Some grandparents can even finish a mountain hike, while others can amuse you with their dancing skills. Talent is honed and does not depend on age — it's never too late to try something new.

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Regardless of where you are in life now, you will continue to be a student. Show yourself that you can do anything, like rope cycling at 67. A grandmother fearlessly learned rope cycling and has shocked the internet with how flawlessly she finished the course. Even though she was wearing a saree, the grandmother made the exhibition seem so easy. It was a jaw-dropping performance on Instagram posted by yathrikan_200. She did not even show any sign of fear while crossing the rope. The 67-year-old's safety was assured with a helmet and safety harnesses. However, the course still looks quite terrifying, especially because it's high above the ground.

The caption somehow explained the whole story. It says, "I'm not afraid, son. I'll ride the cycle. You just come with me. At the age of 67, that mother came to us to fulfill her wish. We fulfilled it." Then another Instagram reel was uploaded, which showed the behind-the-scenes. Both videos have garnered thousands of engagements, and people in the comment section couldn't help but express their amazement for the grandmother.

They showered her with praises for setting an example — inspiring the younger generation that age must not hinder you from unleashing your highest potential. As long as you're healthy, you have a reason to get up in the morning and seize the day. Watch the video below to witness the fearless grandmother’s rope cycling adventure. Spoiler alert! She even tried out a zip line!


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