Horse Saves Mom's Life By Running To Dad For Help

Horse Saves Mom's Life By Running To Dad For Help

Horses are some of the most majestic animals, and they are brilliant as well. It doesn't matter if they are being cared for by humans or running wild; they are beautiful to see.

There are times, however, when seeing the horse running will send you into a panic. Nobody knows this better than Lauren, who was saved because of the quick actions of her horse, Huckleberry.

This story is from 2019, and it involves a horse that was left behind after other horses were sold. Huckleberry wasn't just any horse, however, he was a special animal, and Lauren loved him.

As she shared with The Dodo, there was something else about Huckleberry's personality, and that is the fact that he loved to play and loved being around his human family. He had some health problems, and Laura was focusing on them, but as he got better, they grew closer and closer.

After Huckleberry got healthier, they got a saddle that would fit him, and Lauren wanted to go for a ride. When they were out for the ride, however, some dogs made Huckleberry nervous, and he bolted.

According to The Dodo, Lauren fell off of Huckleberry and was injured. She suffered from a broken nose and a fractured skull.

What made the situation interesting, however, is the fact that Huckleberry came home. When he came trotting toward Lauren's husband, he realized something was wrong and his wife needed help.

Thanks to the actions of this horse, Lauren was able to be helped to safety. It's a moment in time that I'm sure they will remember. Check out their story in the video below:

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