Young Aries is the Ideal Pet for Anyone Looking for a Smart, Energetic Pup

Young Aries is the Ideal Pet for Anyone Looking for a Smart, Energetic Pup


Meet Aries, aka Zeus. No, the name change doesn't mean he's on the lam wanted by Johnny Law. There were just too many Zeus's at the shelter. The staff at Pima Animal Care Center made the following comments about this sweet, handsome boy:

Aries is a big playful puppy who has been bounced around far too much in his young life. This boy really deserves a happily ever after — forever, this time! In previous homes, Aries lived with a child and reportedly did well, though he's an energetic boy who may be a bit much for very tiny tots.

Aries is super smart and loves to learn tricks. In fact, in one home, he learned how to ring a bell when he needed to go outside he's just that smart! He's a lover of people but not a lover of cats, so no kitties, please! Here's what his volunteer friends have said about him:

"Aries is a very smart boy. He's food motivated and eager to learn and please. He knows how to sit and shake very well. He walks nicely on a leash and enjoys basking in the sun. He thrives on structure and routine and would make a great companion. He is generally active but can be happy lounging on the couch for Netflix as well."

"Aries is a wonderful boy whose prior adopters adored this happy, goofy pup and had nothing but wonderful things to say about him. I can personally tell you he is a super smart boy! In a prior home, he was noted as coming when called, knows sit, and we've been working on various skills like down, shake, take it, leave it, and look. Another home mentioned that he was never EVER destructive in the home and was a very good boy when left alone."

"Aries is one of my favorite walking companions and really shines once we get going. We often go down to the wash to see who else is up and about (rabbits, lizards, etc.) and meander from interesting scent to interesting scent. He checks in regularly with good eye contact and enjoys treats, which he takes from my hand with a gentle mouth. He is comfortable with touch and seems to enjoy my gentle strokes through his soft coat. Aries is a wonderful dog who is somewhat stressed in the shelter environment. He would do well in a calmer home with a loving family."

During his most recent playgroup evaluation with other shelter dogs, Aries was playful and social. He can be choosy with his furry friends, so he would like to meet any resident dogs before heading home to make sure it's a good fit. Please ask about Aries!

Aries weighs approximately 69 lbs., and shelter staff thinks he's about 4 years old. At the shelter since October 22, 2022, he's absolutely ready to go home today! If you or someone you know are interested in adopting this pet, please email for an adoption application or with additional questions. He's in Kennel D109, and his ID# is A705509. Check out his videos below.

Rebecca West

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