Sisters Go to Indy 500 and End Up Rescuing a Kitten

Sisters Go to Indy 500 and End Up Rescuing a Kitten

When you have a special animal in your home, they are more than a pet, they are a member of the family. Those special family members also typically come with a story, and we love telling it.

That certainly is the case with the two sisters in the video we have for you below. Juliana decided to celebrate her birthday by going to the Indy 500, but she had no idea she would have a story that she could tell for many years.

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They had never been to the race before, so they were excited about being there. They got even more excited, however, when they found a dirty, frightened kitten. It took no time for Juliana to grab the little bundle of fur and proclaim: "This is mine now!"

Making the Trip Home

Since they were 4 1/2 hours from home, they wrapped the little kitten in a burrito and gave him plenty of gentle attention on the drive. The little bundle slept almost the whole way home.

That is when they realized they had a problem. Juliana already had five cats at home, so she knew she would have to make some careful introductions.

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They decided to introduce the cats to the new addition one at a time. The little kitten was never afraid, he just wanted to play with the cats and show them that he was the boss now!

It took a couple of weeks, but eventually, the other cats accepted the kitten and started cleaning him. That was their way of saying that he was their cat.

A Different Kind Of Kitten

Juliana admitted she had never had a cat like this. He was so goofy and would scream at her for food and attention.

Something else that was different is that she had never had a kitten this young. She was very thankful that he was healthy and there was nothing wrong.

The little kitten had quite a ride. He went from being abandoned at the Indy 500 to having a full family of siblings. Even her human sister got involved, saying that he was 'half her cat.'

Undoubtedly, this is a story that she will love telling, and she admits that she tells it every chance she can. After all, it isn't every day that you go to the Indy 500 and rescue a kitten!

Watch more in this video:

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