Caught On CCTV: Child Gives Himself A Reverse Mohawk In An Appliance Store

Caught On CCTV: Child Gives Himself A Reverse Mohawk In An Appliance Store

Parents have always been warned that they should never let their kids be left unattended wherever they may be.

Children are curious creatures. They have the capability to know so much about the world, but they haven’t had the time to learn anything yet. Scratching their itch of curiosity often leads to a few bruises and scratches along the way, but at least they’ll come home having an extra bit of knowledge.

Just think back to when you were a child and you were curious about something. Did you ask your parents first, or did you immediately jump into action to satiate your own curiosity?

I remember this one time when my mom was ironing our clothes and I was watching her do her thing. A tiny dumb thought came to my mind, and I asked myself how hot can a clothing iron be… Of course, curiosity always kills the cat. I got burned, I cried, and I was scolded by my parents. Well, at least now I know that irons ARE hot and my hands should never be anywhere near one ever again.

It is said that experience is the best teacher. But not every experience is necessarily a good one; some can be devastating, some are just disappointing, while some can just leave us speechless and hopelessly amused.

Yes, you read that right!

There are just some things you have to say ‘YOLO’ to or embrace a stoic parenting outlook on when your child does something that you have no control over and have no way of undoing. This only applies to harmless things, of course.

Such as this child who came across an aisle of hair clippers in a store.

Child + Hair clippers = ?

To be honest, I never knew that floor model appliances are supposed to be plugged in or have batteries in them. I can understand that phone models should be plugged in so potential buyers can mess around with them in the stores and get a feel for them, or those TVs that are probably turned on 24/7 to showcase the display, but what’s the use of plugging in hair clippers?

Who would you blame in this situation? The store for not having any attendants nearby, the mom who was probably only a few feet away from her child, or the child himself, who, as the post said, let the intrusive thoughts win?

Hey, at least the mom just laughed it all off, right? And you can see that child was laughing as well when he saw that he got caught. No one was hurt. All’s well that ends well.

Let’s just hope that the kid looks good bald. 😂

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