Woman Shocked After Facing Charges For Keeping A Goldfish

Woman Shocked After Facing Charges For Keeping A Goldfish

When you rent an apartment, you are at the landlord's mercy. You have certain rights as a renter, but the landlord can do things that often end up costing you money.

Nobody knows this better than a TikTok user who went on the social platform to share her experience with her landlord. It seems as if she had a goldfish, and when the landlord found out, he charged her a one-time fee and then tacked a monthly rate on her rent.

If you rent property, you don't need anyone to tell you that the charges can get a little outlandish. They tend to call them admin charges or perhaps some type of processing charge and before you know it, your hard-earned money is disappearing from your bank account.

Nic had something to get off of her chest, however, and she was outraged after being charged for having a pet goldfish. She said: "They're now charging pet rent for fishes?"

Just how much was she being charged for the fish? She took some video of the rental fees, and you see a "monthly pet rent" of $15. That isn't the worst because she had to pay a $200 one-time fee for having a pet.

There are some restrictions to the type of pet she can have at her apartment. The paperwork clearly says that she cannot have an aggressive breed, but how aggressive does a fish have to be?

Since being posted, more than 65,000 people have watched the video, and hundreds of people have commented. Some were expressing concern that landlords could require permission to have a fish. Others were just outraged that renting came with so many unexpected fees.

In the end, it's up to the renter to look into the paperwork and decide whether they will end up on the short end of the stick. She seemed to have to pay the price for her wet friend.

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