Woman Unapologetically Writing A “Racist” E-Mail Using Extra-Large Font Gets Exposed On TikTok

Woman Unapologetically Writing A “Racist” E-Mail Using Extra-Large Font Gets Exposed On TikTok

If criminals have a standard operating procedure, you would think that being discreet is at the top of the list of instructions.

Actually, doing anything remotely bad needs to be done discreetly. (Please don’t do anything bad though.)

But then there are always outliers that think something is right, even if they are factually wrong.

Take racists for example. Deep topic, I know. Some people just have it ingrained in their brains that hating people of color is the norm. Blame it on their upbringing or bad stereotypes, I don’t really want to know, to be honest.

Now imagine seeing someone sitting next to you openly displaying their hate. I don’t know if this person is just dense that they think their extremely large font won’t be seen by their seatmate or she just simply doesn’t care.

 width= PHOTO: TikTok/mizz_crizzy

What makes it worse is that the e-mail she’s creating concerns the people she’s sitting beside. AKA the person filming her type her poorly worded e-mail and her friend.

Captioning her TikTok video with “My first racist encounter," Miss Crizzy recorded the whole thing for 10 minutes.

The e-mail reads: “I am looking out the window. Other two seats are taken by two very large dolled-up black ladies, one of whom is being is extremely hostile. I am being very pleasant just to annoy her.”

First off, no one here is being openly hostile. The poster even asked how she was being hostile, not believing what she was reading. She went on to explain that the only thing she said to her was something that the flight attendant said first, just to put the bag under the seat until takeoff. Really, the poster was only helping the old lady.

“If I need to use a washroom, I am going to pretend I am really crippled and ask a steward to help me,” the e-mail continues. The old lady scrolls through to check her “masterpiece” of an e-mail and decides to add another detail; she adds, “She makes Serena Williams look like Twiggy.” I don’t know. I have no words. Maybe that last-minute edit was something that might intrigue her reader. (I’m assuming another judgemental person.)

 width= PHOTO: TikTok/mizz_crizzy

Again, OP just repeated what the flight attendant said to the lady because she was hard of hearing. OP was helping but was rewarded by being tagged as hostile.

As expected, this video became viral with over 8M views on TikTok, and the viewers are frustrated over OP’s racist experience, the old lady’s e-mail, and the extremely slow typing. (As am I. The whole e-mail had around 70 words, and it only took 10+ minutes. Incredible.)

“Sending that as an e-mail is crazy,” said one user. Again, maybe the recipient is also an old racist person that is bored out of their mind. This is old people's gossip, I think. Nothing more exciting than seeing two totally normal people sitting beside you on a flight, except they have a different skin color than yours or are larger than you.

In the end, whether you’re racist or just generally a judgemental person, as another commenter wrote: “When people wanna be racist, all we can do is just pray, 'cause they didn’t get the education we got, [or you got, clearly, to be respectful,] so just bless.”

I already typed the whole e-mail into this article, but if you want to experience the slow burn that is this whole e-mail drama, watch the video below!

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