Decorator Pulled A Prank On One Of His Clients By Putting Lawn Stripes On Their Carpeted Floors

Decorator Pulled A Prank On One Of His Clients By Putting Lawn Stripes On Their Carpeted Floors

Creating beautiful lawn patterns can be so satisfying to do.

Watching people create such patterns can be equally or even much more enjoyable, since you won’t have to stay under the sun and handle a lawnmower by yourself.

Lawn striping doesn’t exist for purely aesthetic reasons though. Lawn striping can improve your home’s curb appeal and benefit your lawn’s health by helping promote healthy grass growth. But we're not here to talk about lawns.

If you lawn stripe something that’s not technically a lawn, think of it like how you can draw patterns on some pillowcases, but make the canvas much bigger. What can you call it and what purpose does it serve?

Nothing, really. Except now you have something unique – an accent piece if you will – in the form of an entire room’s carpeting.

One video went viral on Facebook with over 5M views, and it showed Instagram user paintwarrior_’s original video where he left a pattern in one of his client’s carpets after they finished painting their room.

Is it unnecessary? Yes. But is it funny? Absolutely!

It’s one of those small things that might be seen as cumbersome, but doing this kind of thing just shows that they love the work that they do and they’re just out here having fun while they work.

The Instagram caption said, “LEAVING A RANDOM PATTERN IN MY CLIENTS CARPET.. after we’ve finished painting


I mean, painting can be messy but I don’t think it’s the messiest trade. Thankfully, it looks like OP is a real professional, because you won’t be able to see even a spot of paint on his client’s carpets.

This stunt may have been a joke, but I’m pretty confident that once his client sees this amazing pattern on their carpets, they’d at least chuckle.

Most people found this hilarious, and some even joked that OP was probably charging by the hour.

Even though this harmless prank was pretty amusing, there’s one thing that the majority hated and pointed out. The uneven lines and the footprints that can be clearly seen at the end of the video are triggering some people’s OCD.

What do you think of this prank?

Watch the original video below.

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