Logan the Cane Corso Was Adopted and Returned… Again

Logan the Cane Corso Was Adopted and Returned… Again

Logan had come into the shelter and was in bad shape. It took a few weeks for him to get his strength back up, but he was adopted relatively quickly.

The unfortunate reality for Logan is the fact that he got adopted and returned.

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After a family adopted Logan, they did some grocery shopping. They put him into a crate that night to go off and do their shopping, but Logan got anxious.

If you are familiar with the Cane Corso breed, they are very large and strong. Considering the fact that Logan was just adopted and was in new surroundings, you really can't blame him for being anxious.

When you adopt a dog such as Logan, it can take months before they fully decompress. They admit that he's the type of dog that, once he's there, he's there with you, but they didn't even give him a chance.

Long story short, he ended up back at the dog shelter again. They wanted very much to make sure that he got into a forever home with the right people this time.

A Big Dog Is a Big Responsibility

That being said, adopting a dog such as Logan, is a big responsibility. He's a big dog and would need the right family, but he was very gentle and was even good with kids.

They even had one family come to visit with him with five children, and they had a bunch of toys out. Logan wasn't aggressive, and he didn't react, he was just like a babysitter to the kids.

 width= Photos: YouTube / Rocky Kanaka

Then they decided to come back, but this time they were going to bring the father. The mother works from home, so she would be there with Logan full-time.

When the family came in to visit Logan, they spent a lot of time visiting him. The dog was exceptionally good and even listened to the young child when he was given commands such as sit and down.

It looked like they were almost ready to adopt Logan, but then there was a question. They wanted to adopt a cat, and they didn't know if Logan would be the right dog for it.

Giving Logan the Cat Test

They did what they called a cat test, where they brought out a feline in a kennel to see if Logan was fixated on it or if he pretty much ignored it. Logan passed the test and was adopted!

When a dog is adopted from an animal shelter, it's a joyful event. The dog is happy, the new family is happy, and the people who work with the dog are all happy.

We're so glad Logan got a new home, but that is only part of the story. Make sure you watch this video to see it all.


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