Deer Breaks Through Window And Jumps On Family's Bed

Deer Breaks Through Window And Jumps On Family's Bed

A family in Michigan was in for quite the surprise when a deer broke into their home and started running around the house.

The Bay County, Michigan Sheriff's Office shared about the break-in on Facebook.

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In the post, they explained that a family of five was at home "minding their own business" when they "suddenly heard their front window smash."

While the smashed window turned out to be a "breaking and entering," the suspect wasn't a human but a deer! The post said that the family was surprised to discover a "deer running around their home!"

The two parents called 911 and deputies quickly responded to "apprehend the 'suspect.'"

The sheriff's office went on to say, "Deputy Austin Jobes was first on scene and was able to locate the suspect deer in a bedroom of the home. Shortly after, Lt Latocki, Deputy Judd, Deputy Dittenber, and Lt Chlebowski arrived on the scene as backup. The deputies were able to lure the deer out of the bedroom and while blocking off all other rooms, convince it to run out the front door."

They noted that neither the deer nor deputies were injured from the ordeal and "the family opted not to press charges."

What a day!

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