Watchful, Loving Dog Works to Overcome Health Issues, Now Looking for Family to Protect

Watchful, Loving Dog Works to Overcome Health Issues, Now Looking for Family to Protect

Warm, courageous, and kind-hearted.

These are all words used to describe Miranda, a mixed breed dog believed to be part Georgian Shepherd. This girl has been waiting some time for a home, but that's far from the toughest issue she's faced.

The pup was brought into Tamaz Elizbarashvili shelter in Tbilisi, Georgia, suffering from a disease called leishmaniasis. Caused by a parasite, leishmaniasis is transmitted by small biting sand flies and can cause skin or organ infections.


Lana Borisova, who along with her husband is a remote guardian for Miranda, was part of the four-person team that worked together to find and then rescue Miranda from the streets.

She says, "Once in the shelter, Miranda's treatment began with the support of my husband, myself, and the two women. Miranda, true to her spirit, fought bravely throughout her medical procedures. Every week, we made a point to visit her, bringing her medication, treats, and most importantly, love. This regular care and affection transformed her into a dog full of smiles."


The treatments slowly but surely helped improve her health, as well, with her eyes becoming visible within two weeks. She kept up with injections and medication for a few weeks and is now on daily pills to maintain her progress. It's an important health care routine that her future forever family will need to be on top of, as well as regular six-month checkups to ensure the treatment is still working.

As Borisova and her husband Jarrod Saxton have watched Miranda grow throughout this process, they've seen her personality peek through, too. They say she's kind-hearted, loyal, fiercely protective (likely due to that Georgian Shepherd ancestry), and affectionate the moment you pet her. Despite her ordeal and the fact that she's still waiting for that loving forever home, she's always upbeat, too.


Borisova says, "She is naturally happy, fun and playful. Miranda is very loving and cuddly, with her big smile and grateful nature, she has the ability to change your mood in an instant. She enjoys pats and belly rubs and can be very affectionate. She makes great company and is a great companion."

However, Miranda is also fairly tough and smart, considering her past.

Borisova adds, "Despite her fun and loving nature, she has the ability to protect you and make you feel safe. Growing up on the streets of Tbilisi, she has learned to navigate roads, understands the danger of cars, and can read people and other dogs extremely well. She is very intelligent and will be sure to let you know when you have visitors or if certain dangers are around."


Her obedient nature means she won't take this too far, though, listening when reminded not to bark or growl.

Considering this pooch's sweet and protective personality, those who have been around her think she'd be great for people who live alone and want company and security, or a family with kids who understand animals and that wants a loving dog that will alert them to any suspicious activity.

If you're interested in adding this loving, happy guard dog to your family, you can found out more through Tamaz Elizbarashvili shelter's Facebook page!

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