Mom Dragged for Refusing to Pay for One of Her Sons' Weddings

Mom Dragged for Refusing to Pay for One of Her Sons' Weddings

Redditors are sort of divided in their opinion about whether to consider this mom an a—hole or not. First, it really is her money. In many instances, the AITA community has been telling parents and other people who have been publishing their stories on Reddit’s popular r/AmItheA—hole forum that they are free to do away with THEIR OWN MONEY in whatever way they want.

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They often advise this when the Original Poster gets abused and exploited by toxic members of the family who are just after their money.

But this case is intriguing; the mother is well-off, and she decides to pour her money only upon him whom she thinks is deserving. And the choice in reality is not between her two sons but the women in their lives.

Let’s assess the whole situation. Here is the Original Poster’s story under the username u/PrimaryDiet5940: "My son is getting married to a wonderful woman. We loved her since the first day we met her. She was very nice and polite and very good with my granddaughter. My granddaughter is 15, and she never got along with my son's partners, so it's nice to see the amazing relationship between her and her future stepmom."

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OP continued to relate that while in conversation one day, the topic of the wedding came up. They asked her son and his girlfriend about their plan, and they answered that they were still trying to decide whether to have their dream wedding or dream honeymoon instead, since they couldn't afford both. OP told them that they could do both since she was willing to pay half the price.

Here's what happened next. OP further wrote, "My other son asked me why I'm paying for their wedding when I didn't pay for his. I told him that I didn't like his wife and he knows it. She has been very cold towards us since the first day we met, and she hardly ever speaks to us. I can't be expected to pay for a wedding I don't approve of. He said I'm showing favoritism. I told him I'm not, I didn't pay for his brother's first wedding either, so in order not to show favoritism, I'm willing to pay for his next wedding. He blew up at me and called me an a-hole and left."

Ha! Ha! Many of the AITA members were calling out this mom too for playing favoritism on her sons.

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But there were also commenters who clearly made deep thinking of the situation and rendered opinions worthy of high praise. Here are some of them, which will make you smile and think as deeply and broadly too:

Reaction from kouturecrochet: "This is a hard one. I wanna rule she’s in the wrong. But damn the petty is high-level. And high-level petty that’s technically fair is an art. I’m going to say NTA because they are technically being treated the same way. I’ll get the downvotes for this, but yeah. Didn’t pay for either first wedding. Promising to pay for both second weddings. Petty, yes. Fair, also technically yes. NTA via a technicality. But know this might piss off the brother waiting to get his second marriage to be paid for. And for a while. This might cause a rift. NTA. But don’t cry about the fallout from this."

On the other hand, Shibaspots wrote, "It deserves a spit-take! Um, OP? I think you said the quiet part out loud. I get brutal honesty, but dang! I'd have kept that bit to myself. I want to say Y T A, but I'm a bit in awe as well."

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Meanwhile, another commenter shared this, "For deciding how to spend her own money... Why, her son who married an a-hole is not entitled to her money. I think that's a very fair question if you're going to call her an a-hole over it."

Sufficient-Bag-2390 likewise said, "I don't know. Maybe that DIL is actually an A-hole. Maybe till the point OP feels ok saying it out loud and to son's face. W've had some wives like that in my family, and divorces have eventually come (thank god)."

You can go on reading the rest of the comments and find the debates very fascinating. But the real core of the controversy is the mother's brutal honesty, for which many of the online commenters got goosebumps.

They said that this mom reminded them of LUCILLE BLUTH.

You can't help laughing over this one!

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