People Are Comparing Montreal's Devastating Ice Storm To Scenes From HBO's "The Last of Us"

People Are Comparing Montreal's Devastating Ice Storm To Scenes From HBO's "The Last of Us"

There's a stereotype about Canadians being hardy to harsh weather, so it may come as a surprise to some that the city of Montreal in Quebec was recently devastated by an ice storm in early April.

According to CTV News, the April 5 ice storm affected more than one million people and caused widespread power outages due to the number of fallen trees and downed power lines.

Ice-laden branches and trunks littered yards, sidewalks, and roads, stranding people from leaving.

Since videos of Montreal following the storm have started circulating on social media, people have been comparing it to scenes from The Last of Us, an HBO series that shows a near-apocalyptic world following a global pandemic.

While scenes from the series are fake, what people are sharing from Montreal is entirely real life. You can see some of the destruction for yourself in the TikTok videos below:


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@everythinginplace Ice Storm 2023 was no joke Fellow Montrealers I know you all feel my pain right now! We tried to tough it out but the kiddos were so cold this morning and with the temp dropping below freezing tonight it’s only going to get worse. All our fridge food is in bins outside and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that our deep freezer stash won’t all go bad. We’re warming up and taking some hot showers at a hotel tonight so maybe I’ll be sharing some last minute travel organizing tips soon :) #everythinginplace #montrealicestorm #icestorm2023 #organizedmama #organizedtravel ♬ original sound - Allison ✨Home Organizer✨

@katinakatz0 I mean really. You’ve just got to laugh at this point. So far I don’t know of anyone who was hurt so that’s the important thing! #montrealicestorm #tabarnak #calisse #printemps ♬ original sound - Katina Katz

According to CBC news, the city is still working to clean up following the catestrohpic storm and it could take several more weeks before the branches and other debris are finally cleared.

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