Tiny Mouse Chases Hungry Cat Away And Lives To Tell The Tale

Tiny Mouse Chases Hungry Cat Away And Lives To Tell The Tale

A tiny mouse has lived to see another day thanks to his bravery in chasing away a hungry cat!

Cats are predators, and mice are natural prey. Because of that, it's not uncommon to hear about a cat chasing or even eating a mouse. How many house cats come back from wandering outside with small rodents in tow?

Twitter user @TheFigen_ shared a video of the incredible moment on social media with the caption, "No matter how small you are.....always fight back!"

In the video, you can see a hungry-looking calico cat approaching a spot along the wall where a tiny mouse lives.

From the outside watching, it looks like things aren't going to end well for the little mouse. But as fate would have it, the mouse turned out to be so brave! He fought back and actually scared the cat away!

When the cat pounces for the mouse, the rodent quickly dashes away. The cat starts gaining on him, when the mouse suddenly turns and hops into the air!

The sudden movement startles the cat, who hops back in response. The mouse continues to jump up into the air, spooking the cat further and further away. The mouse even lunges toward the cat, who cowers backward.

Eventually, the mouse scares the cat far enough away that can he dart back to the safety of the wall.

It's not the outcome we would've ever expected, but it's nice to see the underdog winning for once.

You can watch the brave mouse face off with the hungry cat in the video below:

Malorie Thompson

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