Dog Escapes Michigan Shelter Multiple Times And Sneaks Into Nearby Nursing Home, So They Adopt Him

Dog Escapes Michigan Shelter Multiple Times And Sneaks Into Nearby Nursing Home, So They Adopt Him

We all have heard the stories about a shelter dog or cat picking their person. Well, wait until you read the story about an abused dog who made it clear that he wanted to live at a nearby nursing home.

Meet Scout.

The large yet timid dog was at Antrim County Animal Shelter in Michigan with an undisclosed past. However, it was clear that he had been mistreated and was leery around men.

Shelter life is stressful, and Scout decided that after spending some time at the shelter without any success at finding a loving family that he would find one on his own.

The escape artist climbed the high fence of his kennel and the shelter before heading across the street to Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility.

 width= Photo: Facebook/Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility

He strolled right through the front door and curled up on a couch in the lobby. He was discovered by a caretaker who didn't understand where he came from.

Eventually, the sheriff was called, and Scout was brought back to the shelter. However, he managed to escape a couple more times and each time returned to the nursing home.

The nursing home's administrator, Marna Robertson, told Detroit Free Press, "I’m a person who looks at outward signs, and if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. He did that one time, two times, three times, and obviously that’s something that you should pay attention to."

After the third time, the nursing home decided to adopt him and make him a permanent resident. That was over six years ago.

Scout has been cheering up the human residents and staff ever since. The long-term medical care facility shared, "This is his home. He chose us."

They went on to say, "Scout definitely has picked his favorites and has become quite the ladies' man. If Jenny Martinek, Household Coordinator is working, Scout is right on her heels and never leaves her side. Scout definitely protects his household and is always the first to get to the door when the doorbell rings. He gives off one or two woofs that alerts the staff."

When he is not roaming the halls of Glacier Hill receiving pats or treats from residents, he enjoys playing in the courtyard.

Scout feels comfortable now to show his true personality and the staff shared that his favorite toy is "Lambie" and he loves to do hallway zoomies.

When Robertson was asked why she thought Scout picked this facility as his home she replied, "He certainly has a penchant for the elders. He’s very in tune with what they need, especially our very vulnerable population. If they have dementia or if they’re dying he knows that, and he will go and be with them and comfort them. He must’ve just felt like he needed to be here."

Scout has also helped raise funds for the shelter that took him in with an annual "Scout's House Paws for the Pantry Fundraiser".

This heartwarming story is just another reason why people should adopt. The nursing home staff encourage people to head to their local shelters and find a best friend.

"We couldn’t imagine our lives without him! He completes our Meadow Brook family. If you’re looking to add one to your family, we encourage you to visit a local shelter & adopt a rescue dog."

Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.

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