5 Deep Ocean Documentaries You Can Binge-Watch On Netflix

5 Deep Ocean Documentaries You Can Binge-Watch On Netflix

We're well into a global pandemic, and at this point, many of us have been house-bound for a while. Even the most homebody of homebodies amongst us are probably crawling the wall at this point. It's really hard to focus on staying inside for such long periods, especially with the weather starting to take a turn for the better.

For those of us inside, we're probably turning to Netflix to save us from boredom. If you've binged your way through Tiger King and you're looking for something else, you may want to consider some natural documentaries. Netflix has some great ones, but the most fascinating ones are related to the ocean. The sea has always provided plenty of inspiration to writers, artists, and filmmakers alike for many years. Not to mention the countless hours of research and study that it has provided to many scientists who have found fascination in its mysteries.

Of course, there are a lot of changes happening to the oceans through climate change which has started to change the face of our oceans. Still, there is plenty of natural beauty to be found within our oceans, and watching these documentaries have been a great way to relax and unwind in the face of a pandemic.

Below are some recommendations:

1) Mission Blue

The well-known oceanographer and TED prize winner Dr. Sylvia Earle has been on a mission to preserve the planet's oceans. Through the part action-adventure, part exposure of an Eco-disaster, Mission Blue, we see more than 100 scientists, philanthropists, and activists all coming together in the Galapagos Islands in order to create a global network of marine protected areas - such as underwater national parks. However, towards the end of the expedition, the team runs into trouble in the Gulf of Mexico when the Deepwater Horizon oil well explodes, pumping oil into the water. As a result, Sylvia and her environmental team do their best to save her "hope spots."

[media height="270" width="480" provider="youtube" type="iframe" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/B1wp2MQCsfQ?feature=oembed" ad="true"]

2) Chasing Coral

Around the world, coral reefs are being destroyed and, as a result, are vanishing at an alarming rate. However, they are truly a beauty of the natural world, and so divers, photographers, and scientists working on this project are trying their best to capture the underwater mystery of the coral reefs and share them with the world.

[media height="270" width="480" provider="youtube" type="iframe" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/b6fHA9R2cKI?feature=oembed" ad="true"]

3) DisneyNature Oceans

Journeys into the ocean's depths aren't just full of mystery, they're also full of wonder and beauty. And this journey into the deep, which is narrated by Pierce Brosnan, takes a look at all the elusive deepwater creatures that live down in the depths. The incredible part is that this film takes a look at the deepwater creatures through their own eyes. The state-of-the-art-underwater filmmaking is definitely one that you'll want to watch as you'll get a fish-eye view as you swim alongside all the sea's animals.

[media height="270" width="480" provider="youtube" type="iframe" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/fwxZuKErHs8?feature=oembed" ad="true"]

4) A Plastic Ocean

The film A Plastic Ocean starts off with journalist Craig Leeson on a mission to find the elusive blue whale, only to make the shocking discovery of all the plastic waste that is in our oceans. In this documentary, Craig collaborates with free diver Tanya Streeter, plus an international team of scientists and researchers, in order to travel around to 20 locations worldwide. Over 4 years, he not only explores the fragility of our world's oceans but also makes more discoveries of plastic pollution, as well as comes up with working solutions that can be immediately used.

[media height="270" width="480" provider="youtube" type="iframe" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/6zrn4-FfbXw?feature=oembed" ad="true"]

5) Moving Art

In this documentary, a team of divers, photographers, and scientists all aim to bring viewers an exciting adventure of the water below. It is a visual treat if you're into the mysterious world below the ocean's surface.

[media height="270" width="480" provider="youtube" type="iframe" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/udtr6nBgGfs?feature=oembed" ad="true"]

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