Rescue Pittie Becomes BFFs With Family's Dog And Turns Into A Foster Fail

Rescue Pittie Becomes BFFs With Family's Dog And Turns Into A Foster Fail

When Opal was rescued by Wags and Walks, no one was quite sure what had happened to her.

The pitte-mix was in rough condition and had a lot of medical issues and injuries to overcome, so the rescue quickly began searching for a foster home where Opal could recover and heal.

When Brianna walked into the rescue, she immediately fell in love with Opal and wanted to take her in as a foster.

Brianna believes Opal was a stray that got hit by a car before being taken in by Wags and Walks, but she proved to be a fighter. Despite her injuries, Opal was a sweet, loving pup who just wanted to be cared for.

When Opal found herself in Brianna's home, she immediately hit it off with the family's pitbull, Duke. Despite being separated by a baby gate, the two became fast friends would constantly try to play with each other through the gate.

Brianna was surprised by the dogs' fast friendship, but she couldn't let them play together - Opal had too many injuries and needed to rest and recover.

Eventually, Brianna decided to let the two pups hang out with each other, as long as they didn't play. She didn't want Opal to get riled up and injure herself, but she didn't want to keep her away from Duke any longer.

Speaking to The Dodo, Brianna said, "They were all over each other," and said they immediately began to cuddle.

It took a lot of love, patience, and care, but after 5 months of recovering, Opal was finally ready to play! She had her muzzle removed and was given the all-clear from the vet.

Naturally, Opal's newfound freedom only strengthened her bond with Duke even further. They were not only able to cuddle and be together, but they were able to run and play!

Brianna knew she couldn't separate them. The friendship they'd developed was too strong. Opal was about ready to find her forever home, but Brianna decided to adopt her instead of letting her go.

She became a foster fail and is now living her best life with a family that loves her, right alongside her BFF Duke.

Check out the video below:

You can keep up with Opal and the family on Instagram, @thecocoapibbles.

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