Pennsylvania SPCA Surprised With $10,000 Check & Pet Goods, Thanks To Your Support

Pennsylvania SPCA Surprised With $10,000 Check & Pet Goods, Thanks To Your Support

With your help, we ended Clear the Shelters month on a high note.

Animal shelters across the country are overcrowded with highly adoptable dogs and cats who deserve a second chance. Staff and volunteers are tirelessly working to care for each pet and help them find a loving home. The increase in pets is taking a toll on shelter resources and the moral of the homeless pets.

Thanks to your generous support and daily clicks, The Animal Rescue Site and Greater Good Charities surprised another overcrowded shelter with a $10,000 grant and much-needed pet supplies in celebration of NBCUniversal Local’s 9th Annual Clear The Shelters campaign.

 width= Photo: Pennsylvania SPCA

The final recipient was Pennsylvania SPCA. The shelter was thrilled that 127 pets found homes in one day alone, but the good news just kept coming. Greater Good Charities (GGC) arrived at the shelter with what staff believed was a large toy donation, which was much appreciated.

But the biggest surprise was yet to come...

 width= Photo: Pennsylvania SPCA

Bryn with GGC presented the shelter with a $10,000 grant from GGC and The Animal Rescue Site, which left the staff speechless.

The shelter was the last of three randomly selected out of the 1,400 participating shelters to receive the large grant and pet supplies, which was made possible by your support.

 width= Photo: Pennsylvania SPCA

Julie Klim, CEO of Pennsylvania SPCA, told NBCUniversal, "This is so needed and I don't even know what to say. We are so excited. Thank you!" She went on to say that most of the kennels that were emptied last Saturday have already been filled with more homeless animals looking for homes.

Many of the animals they take in are neglected or abused. The money will go towards their medical care and behavior training to help them find loving homes.

 width= Photo: Pennsylvania SPCA

The shelter shared the good news with their supporters on Facebook and wrote, "Today was a great(er) day, indeed! To celebrate the close of Clear the Shelters 2023, we thought our friends at The Animal Rescue Site by GreaterGood were providing our shelter residents with much-needed pet supplies. What we didn't know was that they were also awarding us a $10,000 grant too!"

See how your donations made the day of shelter pets and brought joy to the hardworking staff in the video below.

Check out all the adoptable pets at PSPCA here, including the five doodle puppies seen in the photos and video.

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