Mets Star Pete Alonso Pledges $1,000 Donation to Rescues for Each Home Run He Hits This Year

Mets Star Pete Alonso Pledges $1,000 Donation to Rescues for Each Home Run He Hits This Year

More than 6 million pets end up in animal shelters each year, and nearly 1 million are euthanized, according to the ASPCA. A New York Mets star is using his baseball skills to help lower that number.

Mets first baseman Pete Alonso has announced that for each home run he hits in the 2024 baseball season, his organization The Alonso Foundation will donate $1,000 to animal shelters. That could end up being around $50,000, as, not including the COVID-19-shortened 2020 season, Alonso is averaging 44 home runs per season throughout his career. Topps will also be matching these donations, to provide even more support.

When he announced this pledge to reporters, Alonso said, “We’re going to be trying to tackle the issue of getting animals out of kill shelters, so we’re going to be getting as many animals as possible – whether that’s paying for transport, beds, toys, supplies, blankets, the whole bit – we’re going to be donating money to certain rescues to be taking animals, especially dogs, out of kill shelters.”

The Alonso Foundation, which was launched by Pete and his wife Haley in 2020, has also done other work for animals, as part of its three-pronged focus: supporting youth, animal welfare, and veterans. They’re working to address these areas through advocacy, grants, and other programs.

According to their website, topics they’re especially concerned with are mental health, safe outdoor play, reduced screentime, access to rehabilitation services, and reduction of animal euthanization.

Three-time All-Star and two-time Home Run Derby champion Alonso is hoping his predilection for home runs will help tackle that last issue, as he said, “Hopefully there’s a lot of homers and we can save a lot of animals.”

He encourages anyone who wants to find out more about his pledge to visit

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