Raccoon Mom Lets Her Litter Meet the Woman Who Has Become Her Best Friend Forever

Raccoon Mom Lets Her Litter Meet the Woman Who Has Become Her Best Friend Forever

Yes, it's a wild animal, and Brittany knows that she should not be feeding it, as advised by wildlife experts

But she couldn't stop her heart from going out to this female raccoon who frequents her newly bought home. The previous owners had told her that they used to feed a raccoon who regularly comes to the place, which at first was hard to believe.

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And then, there she really was at the door! At first, it was looking skeptical at Brittany, for she looked strange. However, the small wild creature started to warm up to her and waited for her every day at the same spot.

Brittany realized that the raccoon was really familiar with people and dependent on the occupants of the house for sustenance. And the animal seemed to also know that she's been given the name Roxy. Since she's the new resident, Brittany felt it's now her obligation to care for Roxy.

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Yes, they've become sort of friends, sitting out there and observing the woods that surround the house. Brittany also made sure that Roxy didn't miss her dinner, which amused her upon discovering that the raccoon was quite a picky eater. Roxy loved grapes and blueberries, but she dislikes apples.

Then, one day, Brittany saw that Roxy had given birth to a litter! She could see them from a tree, clambering down but still too shy to follow their mother.

 width= Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

One year later, Roxy has another family! And when she brought them over, Brittany saw that there were four baby raccoons. Even though they appeared quite shy, she could feel that they trusted her just like their mom.

Getting acquainted with Roxy and her litter reminded Brittany of her dream to have a rescue shelter for both wildlife and domestic animals in need. She views her friendship with Roxy as very special, and she knows that Roxy trusts her like a friend too.


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