Reddit Steps In To Help When Man Needs A New Prosthetic Finger

Reddit Steps In To Help When Man Needs A New Prosthetic Finger

If you spend any amount of time on Reddit, you realize it is more than a place to be. It's an actual community.

People post information that is of interest to others, and sometimes, they even get a helping hand.

Adam is a Redditor who understands the power of the social platform. He was missing half of his pinky finger and needed a new prosthesis, but he couldn't afford the $20,000 necessary to buy it.

He went on several subreddits to post for assistance. It took some work, but he eventually found someone who could design and customize the perfect fit.

Adam wrote:

"Several versions later they have built me a working version and begun work for someone missing a thumb. It's been a learning process, but they have a skill that blows me away and have printed me a new finger for several thousand dollars less than what I was being offered."

(OC) A redditor who I will name in the comments has built me a new finger after insurance turned me down for one. They took an existing design and customized it with my feedback and made me whole again. It should be known that Limb Labs wanted 15 to 20 thousand dollars for one.
by u/Butt_Fucking_Smurfs in MadeMeSmile

These types of prosthetics need to be replaced frequently, and they are expensive. Adam feels that 3-D printing will make a difference in the industry and the lives of many who need this type of assistance.

That is where a new subreddit comes in. Print for Good is where people can go to get 3-D printing if they have a specific need but don't have a 3-D printer.

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