Kitten Gets Adopted During Pandemic and Now Lives a Life of Adventure

Kitten Gets Adopted During Pandemic and Now Lives a Life of Adventure

When many of us look back to the first year of the pandemic, we think about all of the struggles we faced. Perhaps we were stuck indoors for many weeks or months, and we were usually looking for a way to get a break.

For many people, that break came by watching a little kitten named Liebchen enjoying some outdoor time. In fact, people still enjoy watching that kitten and all of the adventures he has in life.

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32-year-old Erin Geldermans adopted this little bundle of adventure along with 37-year-old Dan Schreck. It was in September 2020, right in the middle of the height of the pandemic.

Social Distancing in Style

They decided to do some social distancing in an amazing way when they took their little rescue cat off for a life of adventure. Liebchen went from a kitten at a shelter to a family pet, and he hasn't looked back since.

Immediately after adopting Liebchen, they started a life of adventure. This little kitten has done more in three years than many people have done in a lifetime.

Liebchen first started out going on hikes. He was put on a leash so he was safe, but that isn't where the adventure ended.

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Since being adopted, this little bundle of fur has been skiing, hiking, and paddle boarding, and that is really just scratching the surface. He seems to thrive on adventure, and we love watching him do it.

The Adventurous Cat Goes Viral

In fact, it wasn't long before Liebchen had his own Instagram following. The current count is 195,000 followers, and it is growing!

This young couple takes Liebchen with them on many adventures. They also make sure that he is safe, even providing him with miniature goggles for when he hits the ski slopes.

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If this couple has their way, the adventures are only starting. They may even take him on a helicopter ride, as long as the propellers don't frighten him.

We all needed a break during the pandemic, and this cat was so full of adventure that he provided everything we needed to feel good. He is still doing it, both on Instagram and in the video we have for you here.

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