Teacher Rescues Severely Injured Kitten, Covers Her Vet Bills

Teacher Rescues Severely Injured Kitten, Covers Her Vet Bills

Denise Owens

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It was my second year teaching, and I had just finished up plans when I heard a "meow" at my outside door. It couldn't be a cat because the school was basically out in the middle of nowhere. Then I heard it again.

As I went to the door, there sat a small tabby kitten. Her tongue was hanging out, and there was a long bloody scratch around her mouth. When I approached the door, she became frightened and ran. That is when I saw her tail had no fur and there was matted blood.


I knew I had to get her to a vet, but boy was that a feat. Each time I got close, she ran. Fortunately, there was a fence enclosing the playground, so there wasn't anywhere for her to really go. Finally, she came close and laid down. She was tired and scared, but she trusted me.

I sat her in an empty box, quickly gathered my belongings, and drove to a vet nearby. They said she had likely been under a car tire that had backed over her tail, causing her to run and strip the fur. Due to the severity and infection, they needed to surgically remove her tail. In addition, she needed fluids because of dehydration.

The catch was someone would have to pay for the services, which weren't cheap. There was no hesitation. I couldn't let this innocent kitten suffer. Paying the vet bill was going to be the easy part. Now I had to convince my boyfriend to keep her because I had a roommate who had two cats of her own.

After what seemed like hours of begging, he finally agreed. After her stay at the vet, I brought her over. We named her Abby and were both instantly in love. She has been with us since that day 12 years ago. She is a sweet girl who loves head rubs and her blanket.

Photo: Denise Owens

Christmas is our favorite time, though I feel like I received the best gift that day when Abby found me and made me the luckiest girl.

Story submitted by Denise Owens from Greenville, North Carolina.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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