Two Senior Cats Become Smitten with Each Other

Two Senior Cats Become Smitten with Each Other

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Carmen was found dumped in a culvert with her five siblings by a nice medic who worked with my husband. We brought her into our home to help take away some of the stress of bottle feeding five kittens who hadn't even opened their eyes yet.

We like to say that Carmen was raised by my King Shepherd, who simply adored her. As Carmen grew, her pure white coat began to darken around the edges, and her calm disposition made her a perfect service cat for my autistic daughter.

When Carmen turned 10-years-old, we moved into our current house where she met Mr. Jinx. Mr. Jinx had been rescued as a feral kitten and had never adapted to living indoors at all. Mr. Jinx was smitten with Carmen and he followed her everywhere, including through my laundry room window where we had installed a cat door for Carmen.

At first, Mr. Jinx was just a blur of orange when we would go into our laundry room. However, as summer turned into fall and fall into winter, Mr. Jinx followed Carmen further and further into the house until finally, at Christmas, I found them sleeping beside the tree. I went over to let the neighbours know he had moved in with us during this very cold spell.

Mr. Jinx passed away the year Carmen turned 14 and he had turned 20. I had never before seen a cat romance, but I am so glad I got to see one. Carmen mourned for about six months. Carmen is now 17-years-old and has just had a clean bill of health from our vet who says he can't believe she is that old.


Story submitted by Barbara Viklen from Angus, Canada.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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