Couple Finds Dog on Road, Owner Didn't 'Want Him Anymore'

Couple Finds Dog on Road, Owner Didn't 'Want Him Anymore'

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We were out driving and spotted a dog trying to cross a busy road. We stopped, and my husband jumped out, grabbed him and brought him to the car.

The dog was filthy, but so cute - a funny looking black and white pooch with spots on his legs, a stripe on his head, and a two-toned tail. We called the number on his microchip tag, but they couldn’t find any owner information. It was traced to a nearby shelter, so we decided to take him there.


My husband went to get a blanket from the trunk, and the dog strained with a look in his eyes, like, "Wait, you're my new friend! Where are you going?" It was sweet and unforgettable.

The shelter workers said, "Pascal, you're back!" I questioned: “How do you know him?” They said his latest owner didn't have a fence, so he kept running away. Then they called the owner, who said, "I don’t want him anymore."

They asked if we wanted him. We said, "Sorry, we already have pets, and we’re about to leave town… " But we couldn’t forget those yearning eyes. I checked the shelter’s website from our hotel daily, to see if he'd been adopted. No luck. Would anyone else take this poor dog, already abandoned multiple times, and sort of goofy looking?

We adopted him as soon as we got back. We renamed him "Chauncey". He'd had a rough life - he was around 7, had broken canine teeth, and suffered from separation anxiety. But he sparkled with personality, so loving, with funny mannerisms like a cartoon dog. Our other pets adored him, too! I grew very attached, and when we lost him to kidney failure eight years later, it was devastating. I still miss Chauncey terribly, but I'm so grateful to have had him.


Story submitted by an anonymous user from Lewisville, Texas.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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