Man Who is 'Terrified of Cats' Falls in Love with a Stray

Man Who is 'Terrified of Cats' Falls in Love with a Stray

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My boyfriend was terrified of cats, and the first thing I told him when we met was that my dream was to live in a house with cats everywhere! As always, love took over our differences and we were together. One day, my boyfriend sent me a picture of a cat that was roaming in his backyard.

I always keep a packet of cat food in the kitchen for strays, and I asked him to keep some out for our visitor. He did, and thus began one of the best chapters of our life together.


"Diana," as we named our new friend, started visiting us regularly for food. She was very friendly and enjoyed being petted. We worried that Diana belonged to someone else, but she was not spayed and after two days, she had claimed our backyard as her home.

Disaster struck when my boyfriend had to move out of the house, a week later. What would we do with Diana? We were upset. My roommate refused to let me have cats. We still went back to the house and fed Diana, since new owners hadn't moved in yet. She would come running to us when we called her name and loved cuddling in my lap.

Then my boyfriend surprised me by saying, "We are adopting Diana." "HOW?" I asked. "Just trust me," he said. And so we took Diana to the vet and checked if she was microchipped. She was not, and we were shocked when it turned out our "Diana" was male! We renamed him "Dana" since he only responded to similar names.


We took him back home, and my boyfriend talked to my roommate. I moved out and with him into a new home, where he, Dana, and I live as a family now! It was been eight months since we adopted Dana, and our life has become much brighter. Dana LOVES us, especially his daddy, and snuggles with him every night. And my boyfriend adores Dana, and is even thinking of getting Dana a sibling!

How animals change us with their love and innocence...

Story submitted by Roshini from Athens, Georgia.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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