Terrified Young Rottweiler Rescued Just Before Being Put Down

Terrified Young Rottweiler Rescued Just Before Being Put Down

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We adopted an 8.5-month-old Rottweiler. He was in a pit bull rescue and was being severely abused by the other dogs. An online post stated if the pup was not adopted immediately, they had no choice but to euthanize him. Lack of funds, space, and temperament did not allow him to stay where he was.

We took the pup that day. He was in poor shape, gnarled coat, skinny, and hyperactive. Never closed his eyes when anyone or anything was nearby. Winning his love and trust was a constant job. That was four years ago.

Now, our Judge is a handsome, well behaved (most of the time), healthy male who stole our hearts with his antics and personality. Our fifth rescue but definitely our smartest. He grunts and speaks his approval or lack thereof, and his favorite place is with his dad. We are both retired, so the Judge spends a great deal of time with us.


He loves to play catch by himself, on his back using his front paws to balance a large Kong tennis ball, which then drops back into his mouth. Hysterical to watch. He is very loving, but as with all our furry kids, definitely wants his own way. Ha, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Story submitted by Christina Krone in support of 911 Dog and Cat Rescue. Vote for your favorite Fur-tastic Scrapbook story here!

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