Man Who 'Doesn't Care for Cats' Changes His Tune When One Adopts Him

Man Who 'Doesn't Care for Cats' Changes His Tune When One Adopts Him

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My husband was never a cat person. Always dogs. I am a dog lover, too, and have had many over the years, but am now in my 70s, too old to do the required training. When our last dog passed away, we replaced the carpet and said, no more pets. Husband said, "I don't care for cats. There's the litter box to deal with, cat food stinks, they shed, etc., etc." He never owned a cat, and had no idea whatsoever of what to do with a cat.

Our grown son said, "Dad! Please let her have a cat!" I missed having that warm fur in my lap, so I looked online for people who sheltered cats. Looked at a couple and found one we considered until she was adopted by someone else. Months went by.

One day on a whim, I said to my daughter and the two grandchildren, "Let's go over to the Humane Society and look at kitties!" So off we went. We walked around in the "cat room" that housed them, all wandering around or sleeping. I was looking specifically for a female, spayed, short-haired, brown tabby. We had babysat for our son's for a time and loved his cat. My eyes were focused on the ones like that, but they were all sleeping. So we got ready to leave.

My granddaughter, an independent, take-charge little girl, suddenly said, "Gramma! Look at THIS kitty!" My granddaughter was on her knees, back in the corner of a small room where they kept the newcomers in cages, temporarily quarantined and pending adoption. The cat she was looking at was in the very bottom cage, last row against the wall. I would never have noticed it. That cat had its paws reaching out to my granddaughter and she was petting and playing with her. So okay, I asked the person in charge if we could see that kitty.

She was a beautiful, white with gray patches LONG-haired girl. Not spayed yet but waiting her turn with the vet. We took her into the "interview" room, where she promptly rolled over on her back, begging for belly rubs. Such a sweet girl, obviously putting on a show for us! So I took a picture to send to my husband, and he said, "She IS pretty!"


Three days later, we brought "Missy" home with us, where she adopted my husband, and follows him everywhere. Of course he carries her around like a baby. End of story!

Story submitted by Karen from Bridgeport, New York.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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