Mom Tells Daughter She Wants to Come Back as Her Cat, Daughter Believes She Does

Mom Tells Daughter She Wants to Come Back as Her Cat, Daughter Believes She Does

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When I was a young woman, out of my parents' house and making my own decisions, I bought a home and owned two cats. I was also a veterinary technician. My cats were spoiled. My mom would tell me: "If anything happens to me, I'd like to come back as your cat."

Fast forward many years, a couple of marriages and divorces, a move to a different state, and retirement, I found myself alone and on a fixed income. I had to let my last baby, Barnabas, go over the bridge due to kidney disease. After over a year of not having my own furbaby, I decided to foster.

I had so much fun, raising and spoiling new kittens, teaching them the ropes, loving and protecting them, then sending them off to great homes. While fostering, I had a heart attack. The rescue group I volunteered for decided not to allow me to foster anymore. I was devastated but decided to contact other agencies.

In doing so, I watched many YouTube videos on fostering. Somehow, my research led me to Pet Finders. I had already decided I didn't want to own another cat, what with my age, budget, and wanting to do some traveling. Yet, I found myself on a pet adoption website looking at a picture of a beautiful, 2-year-old calico who resembled a kitty that I owned about 10 years prior. I felt an instant connection, and as it turned out, she was up for adoption in a shelter in the city next to me. I thought to myself, I'll just go visit her. Famous last words, huh?!

I was told Calli was very shy. She had been relinquished by her original owners, adopted, and returned twice because as the "owners" stated, she wasn't sociable. Although she seemed timid, there was an instant, familiar connection as she sat on my lap purring. I had already fallen in love with her. I got the overwhelming feeling that after all the years since my mom's passing (40), her wish had finally come true. I told the shelter workers that they didn't have to worry. I would be naming this little treasure after my mom and grandmother and she would never be returned again. I paid a very reasonable adoption fee and brought my mom home.


Pinky Pearl Ruby Moon Maureen is the best thing to ever happen to me. She is no longer anti-social and loves everyone who comes to visit. She even likes dogs! Although she had to suffer through the abandonment she did as a kitten, I thank goodness that the other owners gave her up. She just wasn't in the right places before. My mom was making her way home to me!

Story submitted by Candy Kelly from Grants Pass, Oregon.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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