My Sammie Girl

My Sammie Girl

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I got a phone call at 2am from my friend, Paula, who was frantic and crying. She said her neighbor, an older drunk man, was outside hitting and kicking his dog in the middle of the yard. It was storming and she was crying and the police wouldn't do anything because it was after hours.


I told her to go get the dog and to call me back as soon as she did. I said that I would come get her and the dog. I never heard back from her so I went to sleep. Paula lives and hour from me and I called and called and got no answer. I couldn't stop thinking about her.

Days later, she calls and tells me that the man was drunk again. Paula said he had thrown a glass ashtray at the dog's snout and that his sons were squeezing her until she would yelp. By then, I was ready to hunt this man down but I said, "Paula, you go get her. I will come get her right now."

Paula said, "I will call you back in 10 minutes." To my surprise, she calls me back and said she grabbed the dog, and was begging me to please come get her before he kills her. I drove to her house as fast as I could. When I got there, I was in shock by the size and condition of the little dog.

She was skinny, scared, bleeding, and needed vet care as soon as possible. I take her home, feed her, bathe her and stayed up with her until the next morning. Then I took her to the vet she had worms, fleas, and was malnourished. The poor pup's snout was broken and she is having a false pregnancy but that would pass. He even did an ultrasound and their were no puppies.

 width=PHOTO: Renee

I take her home and do everything he told me to do. A few weeks go by and she starts acting funny. I just watched her and call her into the bedroom. I thought maybe she had a tummy ache or is scared. She looks at me and cries out and within 35 minutes there were 6 tiny puppies in the middle of my bed... I guess I'm a grandma now.

Long story short, we saved her and her puppies.

Story submitted by Renee, from Kansas City, Missouri.
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How Could We Say, “Keep Walking”?

My husband and I weren't looking for a dog. We already had a 5-year-old 40-pound terrier mix who we loved. She was so smart and wanted nothing more than to make us happy, which made training a breeze.

At the time, we were getting ready to move to a new home. While taking a break from our packing chores, friends of ours walked into the backyard with their sweet little Lhasa Apso, Stanley. We set him loose with our girl and they immediately started running and wrestling.

 width=Photo: Melodie from Babylon, NY

Our last dog was a Lhasa and we loved the breed. Knowing this, our friends announced, "We're on our way to the pound with him. You want him?" How could we say, "keep walking"? They agreed to have him fixed and, within a week, we had a second dog.

Well, our new little buddy hadn't learned much in his two years of life. He was housebroken, good with food and sweet as could be but no “sit,” “stay,” blah, blah. Didn't play with toys, but boy could he run. We spent weeks trying to “Stanley-proof” the yard, but he just squeezed through or dug under whatever we came up with.

 width=Lhasa Apso. Photo: Pixabay

One day while at the beach, his leash slipped from my hand and he took off. A car stopped to let us know there was a little tan dog with a long leash running 3 miles away. That would be Stanley. When the little man had enough, he turned around and ran back 2.5 miles to us. He got loose on New Year's Eve in a strange town and after a 5-hour search we found him at a party living it up with two new dog friends. There wasn't a day that our little goofball didn't make us laugh.

 width= Lhasa Apso. Photo: Pixabay

He finally figured out toys and went nowhere without his stuffed duck. It took old age to slow him down, and he was so proud of himself when we let him off leash (knowing we could catch him). Always one for an adventure, we bought a dog stroller, Stanley's chariot, so he didn't miss a thing.

Stanley left us at 17 years of age. It's been several years now, and we have new furry friend, but we think of the little man every day and laugh. God sends us what we need, even if we don't know it at the time. Stanley showed us that a good heart can overcome a bad start.

Story submitted by Melodie, from Babylon, NY.

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Dixie Chick

I took my Dana to the dog park and noticed a young dog (pittie mix) hanging out at a truck stop. I saw her a couple of times and said, “If you are still here the next time, I'm getting you.”

 width=Photo: Brenda Boutin

I think the truckers had been feeding her, but no one took her. I bought a McDonald’s cheeseburger, and she hopped into the car. I was concerned because she did look a lot like a pit bull. My vet said she was a hound mix. She was good with the other dogs (I was fostering chihuahuas for a rescue). She was the sweetest girl, and I never regretted bringing her home. She was not chipped and had no collar.

 width=Pit bull mix. Photo: Pixabay

At this time, there was a lot of propaganda about pit bulls being dangerous, and if I had taken her to the shelter, she would have been put down. So glad I didn't. She lived with us for 10 or more years and developed lung cancer. I was with her to the end.

Story submitted by Brenda Boutin, from Cincinnati, OH.

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