Kitten Rescued From Life in Guinea Pig Cage Thrives in New Loving Home

Kitten Rescued From Life in Guinea Pig Cage Thrives in New Loving Home

The following story was submitted in the Pawsitively Picture Perfect photo contest. The top three finishers received $500 in cash, as well as $2,000 in cash and supplies for their favorite shelter. To read more stories, click here!

Scooter was rescued from a hoarding situation where he had been kept in a guinea pig cage.

The woman had countless dogs who barked at him all day. He was 16-weeks-old and he was so clumsy, as he'd never been allowed out. As a physiotherapist who used to work with children with physical difficulties, I realised that his proprioceptive skills and his spatial awareness were severely compromised.


He would continually knock things over, and miss his target when he jumped. He was afraid of everything, from the toilet flush to the television, but as soon as he trusted us, he would run to us for comfort and cuddles when he was scared.


I had to design a cat-friendly physical therapy programme to improve his motor skills, which consisted of playing, chasing, and jumping games. He is now a fit, healthy, and confident bundle of furry love living his best life.

His favourite things are sitting between us, sleeping under the duvet and cuddling his teddy!


This story was submitted by Kathie Drinan in support of Stray Rescue of St. Louis. To read other stories from the Pawsitively Picture Perfect photo contest, click here!

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