A Safe Harbor for Stormy

A Safe Harbor for Stormy

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I am a cat lover. When I heard there was a stray cat at my work site, I wanted to help. I would leave food and water, and finally met a sweet and petite tuxedo kitty. I had heard of her sad story from coworkers.

She had two or three kittens and folks were trying to help them with food. But some stray dogs got onto the enclosure at work and chased the little family away, likely killing the kittens. The mama kitty was gone for perhaps two weeks and when she returned, she was alone.

This kitty was so friendly and would eagerly come up to anyone nearby. It was clear she would love a real home. With assistance, I was able to get the mama kitty in a humane trap and took her home.

Since I volunteer at the local humane society, I thought I’d see if they had room for this street cat so she could have a good life. However, the vet confirmed that she was pregnant again, so I kept her so she could have her kittens. I named her Stormy.


I had other cats at home when I rescued Stormy. Perhaps because of her hormones, she took an instant dislike to my cat Jack. Poor Jack had diabetes, so maybe it was the scent of the insulin he needed twice daily. In any case, it was a real battle to keep peace between my cats and the newcomer, Stormy.

My daughter in Philadelphia resolved the issue perfectly by saying she wanted to take Stormy to live with her. It has worked out beautifully and Stormy is her adored angel. Stormy had five kittens. Three found good homes and I kept two boys.

Stormy never has to worry about where her next meal is coming from or battle the heat or weather. Sadly Jack has since passed, but I still have Stormy’s two boys, as well as two other rescues. I am always thrilled to see Stormy again when I visit my daughter in Philadelphia. She is living the good life.

Story submitted by Linda Larson from San Antonio, Texas.

Stormy’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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