Woman And Dog Perform Touching Dance Together

Woman And Dog Perform Touching Dance Together

Screen Shot: YouTube/Sandra Roth

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Teaching your dog tricks takes work and patience, but it’s rewarding to see the results when they finally get them down. But what one woman teaches her dog goes well beyond sit, stay, and speak.

If you think your dog is well-trained, prepare to be amazed at what a Border Collie named Lizzy is capable of. It’s an activity that’s both incredible to witness and is quite impressive too.

 width= Screen Shot: YouTube/Sandra Roth

Sandra Roth is an experienced dancer who’s been lighting up stages with her talents for many years. However, she also has a unique skill for dancing duets with not your typical partners.

Roth is involved in the sport of “dog dancing” with her pooch Lizzy. In the sport, owners and their four-legged-friends perform choreographed routines at competitions. While dog dancing doesn’t have worldwide popularity, it’s one that’s certainly entertaining to watch.

 width= Screen Shot: YouTube/Sandra Roth

According to The Dodo, Roth is a jazz and ballet dancer who believes dog dancing is “the perfect sport” – being that she’s able to mix her passion with her lovable pooch.

But it wasn’t necessarily an easy task teaching Lizzy how to dance. The Dodo shared the following excerpt from Roth’s profile:

 width= Screen Shots: YouTube/Sandra Roth

“Lizzy has been learning tricks and freestyle moves since she was a puppy. But we’ve had many problems and she was not an easy dog. So our main focus for the first 3 years was on her social behaviour and not on dog sports.”

Since Roth never gave up with Lizzy, the dog ended up learning skills and being able to beautifully compete with her owner. Apparently, she even began liking all the attention she’d get from crowds.

 width= Screen Shot: YouTube/Sandra Roth

The duo entered a dog dance freestyle competition in Germany. On top of stunning the crowd, their performance has taken the internet’s breath away too.

The routine takes place in a wide-open room, and is set to piano music that viewers have pointed out is from The Last Unicorn. Roth is dressed in a gorgeous white costume and unicorn horn – while Lizzy goes without any added flair. Once they begin to dance it’s near impossible to take your eyes off them both.

 width= Screen Shots: YouTube/Sandra Roth

As Roth performs ballet-style moves, Lizzy joins with her own versions. She even kicks her hind leg out like she’s a true ballerina.

Lizzy shows off skills like walking backwards, looping through Roth’s legs, and jumping with grace.
At one point, she even does a running leap over Roth’s head causing the audience to clap. When it comes to the performance, one viewer wrote on YouTube:

 width= Screen Shot: YouTube/Sandra Roth

"How is this possible? How did you manage that!??!!! Amazing!!!"

It’s amazing to witness the strong bond between the pair as the dancing act continues on.

They move beautifully together as a duo, making one wonder how long it would have taken to teach Lizzy the magnificent routine. But all the time and dedication they both must have put in obviously paid off.

 width= Screen Shot: YouTube/Sandra Roth

Some viewers posted comments on YouTube about how the performance even left them emotional. One person wrote:

“Amazing. That put a tear in my eye and another rolling down my cheek. Just lovely.”

Another commented:

“That was sooo beautiful. I cried so much because of the connection they must have. That breed of dog is naturally super intelligent but that was amazing.”

You can watch the astonishing duet for yourself below!

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