Son Grows His Hair Out To Make A Wig For His Mom After Cancer Treatment

Son Grows His Hair Out To Make A Wig For His Mom After Cancer Treatment

Matt Shaha was part of a university back in 2018 that required him to have short hair.

After graduating, he was looking forward to growing his hair back again but after having lunch with his mother, he had a different idea.

You see, according to TODAY, his mother had recently lost her hair during radiation treatments, so Matt said: "Why don’t I grow my hair out to make a wig for you?"

Melanie Shaha has known about the tumors on her pituitary gland since 2003. She decided to eventually have radiation therapy on those benign tumors, but unfortunately, her third treatment caused her hair to fall out.

According to TODAY, she admitted that she doesn't mind being sick or looking sick, but she adds: "I’d rather blend in and not stand out at the store."

At first, Matt was only joking with his mom but then he decided to grow his hair out for the next 2 1/2 years. He wanted to provide a wig for his mother and out of six children, he had the right hair to do it.

In speaking with a local Phoenix news station, he said that it was a no-brainer. In his estimation: "She gave me the hair in the first place."

It took until March 2022 for his hair to reach the required length of 12 inches. His mother would constantly tell him that she loved his hair, and he would reply: "Coming soon to a head near you!"

The story and some pictures were posted by a family friend on Facebook:

The big haircut took place at Melanie's house. She said that they were super pumped and they were crying when the cutting started.

After being trimmed, they sent the hair off to California to Compassionate Creations, a wig maker. They created the wig for $2000 and Matt paid the bill.

He said to the local news site: "Seeing her in it, it’s the first time I had seen my mom look like that since she lost it, so it’s been about four years." Check out the photo below:

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