Video Captures The Moment A Spider Catches A Fish And Eats It

Video Captures The Moment A Spider Catches A Fish And Eats It

A fear of spiders is one of the most frequently seen phobias. In fact, they even made an entire movie surrounding arachnophobia, so it is obviously a trigger for many.

There were a number of scenes in that movie that would send many people running for the exits, but that was Hollywood.

 width= Photo: Flickr/Fyn Kynd License: CC BY 2.0

In the video we have for you below, there are no special effects or trick photography. It's just a giant spider fishing for its dinner and then eating it.

Jean-Pierre Veira, a tour guide and nature photographer, uploaded the shocking video on Instagram. It wasn't long before Snagbug reposted the video.

In the video, you see the life-and-death moment when the large arachnid snatched the fish from the water with its legs. It was standing over some shallow water on two rocks when the giant fishing spider springs into action.

According to the post, this spider is covered in hydrophobic hairs, which allows it to be in the water without getting wet. It then dangles a leg to the surface of the water to check for any ripples.

After they detect the ripples, they snag the fish and neutralize it with their venom. They then sit back and enjoy their meal.

After posting the video, people were quick to comment. Some felt sorry for the fish but others felt sorry for themselves for watching the video.

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