Stray Dog Goes Door To Door Asking For Help

Stray Dog Goes Door To Door Asking For Help

When a stray dog needs help, it may react in different ways. Sometimes, they go off to themselves, but at other times, they might reach out to anyone in the area.

When a Bichon Frise mix was homeless and looking for help, she decided to ask the humans in the area for assistance. She even went from one home to the next, looking for a sympathetic soul.

Fortunately, there was just such a person in the area. Suzette Hall heard about the little dog that was going door to door and decided to do the right thing.

This wasn't just a matter of helping out of a sense of duty, Suzette also knew what it felt like to be away from home. She shared on Facebook that she was displaced because of flooding in her Southern California neighborhood.

She had been living at a hotel and was missing home. Even her van was in the shop, so when she heard about the little dog needing a place to stay, she was more than happy to help.

Of course, it also helps that she is the founder of the dog rescue, Logan's Legacy. When she heard that the dog had been asking for help for a week and was seeking shelter from rain storms, her heart went out to the pooch.

She started looking for the dog's owner right away. When her van was repaired, she grabbed her friend, Rosario, and went looking for the dog.

The little dog was seeking shelter on a porch but she was too timid to even be lured with hotdogs. They spoke calmly to the dog, who seemed to understand and before long, Hall had a leash on the dog.

They put the dog in the car and she fell asleep right away. They then decided to take "Nikki" to a pet hospital for a checkup.

Fortunately, Nikki didn't have any serious health problems but she did need to be groomed. They shared on Facebook that they put her back in the car and took her to Robin Andrews, another friend who is also a groomer.

Now that Nikki was comfortable and cute as a button, they started looking for a forever home. She had a brief stay in foster care and was then adopted.

Missy Simms, who fostered Nikki, commented on Facebook that they had renamed her Lilli because it means "hope and rebirth."

She also thanked Hall for saving her and making sure that she would have the best life a dog could have.

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