Stray Dog Trusts People Just A Little Too Much So Rescuer Steps In To Help

Stray Dog Trusts People Just A Little Too Much So Rescuer Steps In To Help

If you have a dog in your family, you already realize just how friendly they can be. We appreciate the greetings that we get when we walk through the door, and some dogs will even greet strangers with as much enthusiasm.

One of the dogs that greets people with a lot of enthusiasm is Ollie. He lives in Greece as a stray but was rescued from a pack near the seaside in a Greek village.

Valia, who operates The Orphan Pet, couldn't help but fall in love with him when she first saw him. Even though he was a stray, he came running over to her with his tail wagging and the goofiest grin on his face.

According to her video shared on YouTube, Valia was already interested in the pack of dogs and was shooting some video. Ollie, however, really stood out from the rest as a dog that knew how to get someone's attention.

She feels that Ollie may have acted that way because he was recently abandoned. Although he was happy to be in a pack of dogs, trying to learn to live with them, she saw that he wasn't yet a stray.

Ollie could have gone in that direction and lived with the pack for a long time. He also could have been a family dog, and that is where Valia comes in. She knew that he was in a vulnerable situation because he still believed in people and wasn't afraid to come up to a stranger.

Even though he was already attached to her, she had decided to rescue him. She ensured he was well cared for and then got a forever home that he deserved.

You can see more in the video below:

These days, Ollie is living in the Netherlands and making people's hearts glad every day.

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