Brave Mama Dog Seeks Help From Strangers For Her Puppies

Brave Mama Dog Seeks Help From Strangers For Her Puppies

Being out in the cold of winter can be a matter of life or death. For one mother dog, being outside in the snow meant that she and her puppies might not survive.

While she did her best to keep her puppies warm, she needed even more help. So, she did the only thing that she could do: She reached out for help.

Apparently, the dog kept running out and approaching people who would walk by her little hiding spot. She was so persistent, that locals started to take note and several of them reached out to a local rescue for help.

That is how the Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia, got involved. The rescue had received a call about a dog outdoors who was approaching people. Given that the roads were snow-covered, they knew this dog needed help, and fast.

So, they set off and found her hiding inside a concrete pipe that was covered by snow. What they found inside the pipe was definitely a surprise to them. As the rescue shared on YouTube, besides the mother dog, they found that she had a litter of three puppies burrowed inside!

The little pups were frightened, and the team was unable to coax them out of the pipe. They needed a little more encouragement. They took Mama to the car to warm her up, while the rest of the team tried to get the puppies to come out for some food.

The puppies were not interested in the food at all, as they were still young enough to only rely on their mother's milk. With no other means of getting the puppies out of the pipe and to safety, there was only one option left.

One of the rescuers went over to the other side of the pipe in order to gently nudge the puppies with a branch, in order to get them to move. When the puppies tried to get away, the other rescuer went to the other side in order to scoop them up as they came out. One by one, they were able to get all three of them.

Before leaving, the rescuers were sure to scour the area in order to make sure that there weren't any other puppies that got missed. Luckily, there weren't. And with that, Mama and her three babies were off to the shelter where they received medical attention and food.

The pups were found to have internal and external parasites, but with some medication that was cleared up. It was lucky that this little family got rescued - all thanks to the persistence of Mom.

Watch the video down below:

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