Watch Teddy The Bark Knight Valiantly Show Up When His Owner Uses The BatDog Signal

Watch Teddy The Bark Knight Valiantly Show Up When His Owner Uses The BatDog Signal

Dogs are excellent companions. They will provide you comfort and love without anything in return.

Do you know what else is amazing about dogs? They are… convenient.

Convenient not only in the way that they can alleviate stress and sadness, but they can also be convenient in little ways where you won’t have to bend down when you drop food on the ground.

But that doesn’t always work with some food items, of course.

We can only use our pets as a hoover if the food is safe for them and palatable.

The Instagram account of aguyandagoldenn features, well, a guy and his very beautiful golden retriever, Teddy. But Teddy isn’t just your ordinary dog, because he also has a part-time job of being The Bark Knight.

This caped crusader is a pampered dog who even has his own little cozy Batcave under the stairs!

Being the Bark Knight, Teddy has responsibilities, and when the BatDog signal is used, he is there to help anyone (by anyone, I mean only his owner) in need.

With 38M views on Instagram, one video of the Bark Knight shows Teddy’s valiant efforts to help his owner clean up the house as soon as the BatDog signal is turned on.

“Dropping food when you live with BatDog…”

As I’ve said before, dogs are convenient.

Whether you’re too lazy to bend down or you don’t believe in the sacred 5-second rule when it comes to dropping your food on the floor, you need not worry, because the Bark Knight is always watching, waiting for his glorious moment to lick your floors clean from food scraps.

It’s a win-win anyway! You have a clean floor, and he gets his treats.

Watch the original video below.

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