What's Up, Doc: Funny Reasons Why Owners Bring Their Pets to a Vet Clinic

What's Up, Doc: Funny Reasons Why Owners Bring Their Pets to a Vet Clinic

Is there really a shortage of vets?

The news was quite alarming when it came out last year. The Atlantic published the following information: "By 2030, the U.S. will need nearly 41,000 additional veterinarians and nearly 133,000 credentialed vet techs, according to a recent Mars Veterinary Health report."

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NPR also published about the shortage of rural veterinarians, which was worsened by the coronavirus pandemic. Many people have adopted pets during the lockdown periods, and many vets have shifted to taking care of pets rather than farm animals because it pays better.

Shortage of vets here, shortage of vets there. It can be dizzying.

But something that doesn't seem to experience shortage is the reasons why owners take their pets to vets. Try to set aside your worries about the shortage of vets for a moment, and have a good laugh with this emergency vet who candidly relates his experiences on Tiktok.

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He can't help feeling dizzy as well when clients tell him why they take their pets to his clinic.

"My dog only listens to commands given in English, no other language. And that's a problem. He's a German Shepherd."

"My dog's poop stinks."

"My dog's p-nis fell off."

"My dog Tina is seeing ghosts."

"My cat is possessed because it runs around at 2 in the morning, howling."

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It's no wonder this ER vet could feel his head reeling and his patience seeming to reach its end. One of his clients was worried so much about her dog because she could not see its genitals. But it was because the dog was obese.

And the others were just as weird. He has even suggested to the owner of the pet who sees "ghosts" that he should contact Sam and Dean of the TV series Supernatural.

Everyone who has viewed the viral video couldn't help laughing! They especially loved the "Sam and Dean" remark!

From Amanda Rae Blakesley: "Omg the sam and dean comment you’re now my fav."

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From Psag Art: "Call Sam & Dean and put cat in salt circle 😁😂🤣🙀🐱"

From Britt Phair: "Is this real 😂 IS THIS REAL LIFE? I need to change careers lololol."

From Jack/Mycroft/Greg/James/Neil: "Maybe you should connect the person with the dog who sees ghosts with the person with the possessed cat."

From Hailey (taylors version): "If you were my vet, I would come in for random reasons too."


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