Why No One Will Claim This Piece Of Land In Europe

Why No One Will Claim This Piece Of Land In Europe

Did you know that there is a piece of land between Serbia and Croatia that remains unclaimed? Yeah, I didn't know either, but apparently, you do learn something new every day.

The piece of land is along the Danube River, and it is directly between Croatia and Serbia. However, neither country is stating a claim to it. Why is that?

Joseph Pisenti from RealLifeLore, explained that it all comes down to a border dispute. According to Serbia, their country's border ends at the Danube, therefore, they do not see the land as theirs.

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But on the flip side of that argument, Croatia has rejected Serbia's claim of the river border and sees the piece of land as Serbia's. So basically, neither country seems to want to claim responsibility for it.

According to Pisenti, "From Serbia’s standpoint the border is the Danube river as it is today and the unclaimed piece of land to the west of the river therefore is rightfully a part of Croatia. But Croatia doesn’t claim it because if they ever did it would mean that they recognize the Danube river as it exists today as the border between them just like Serbia and it would mean forfeiting all of their much more valuable claims to the more plentiful land over to the east of the river."

But if you think that is the end of the border dispute, it gets a little more complicated. There are many people who have made attempts to claim this land, including a Czech politician who attempted to invoke the terra nullius doctrine as a means of creating a new country called The Free Republic of Liberland.

It turns out that both Serbia and Croatia could agree on one thing regarding that land: neither country would allow a new nation to be born from a piece of land that is so close to both their respective borders.

Pisenti added, "Serbia has stated before that while they find the whole matter trivial the hypothetical new state of Liberland does not infringe upon the Serbian border which they say is delineated by the Danube meanwhile Croatia has stated that after international arbitration, the land should be given to either Serbia or Croatia and not to any third party while they don’t outright claim the land for themselves."

Basically, what that means is neither Serbia nor Croatia wants it, but at the same time, they don't want anyone else to have it. Because of this, it doesn't look like there will ever be a set resolution on the piece of land, and it doesn't look like either will be acknowledging a sovereign nation coming from that territory either.

If Liberland didn't work, we doubt that anything will. But for now, the two countries remain in a limbo regarding their border disputes.

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