Here's a Dollar: Woman Leaves Fiance Who Belittles Everything She's Accomplished in Life

Here's a Dollar: Woman Leaves Fiance Who Belittles Everything She's Accomplished in Life

"I was dating my now fiance before I started my company, and we recently got engaged. Everything seemed to be perfect, except he keeps introducing me as a bookkeeper. No disrespect intended to them or the profession. My issue is that I have worked hard to get where I am. I am an accountant, graduate with a double major, and successful business owner. He could pick almost any other 'title' to introduce me as, but he chooses 'bookkeeper.'"

This woman lamented on Reddit, frustrated over the man she has loved for years. It was her only request, for him to introduce her to other people in a manner befitting her position and achievements, so that her friends, associates, and clients would not think that he was disrespecting her.

But, from her fiance's point of view, he was not doing anything wrong. He believed that introducing her any other way would not make a difference at all. Should she condone this behavior just because he's a retired military officer with a rather stout ego?

Here's this Original Poster's story, as published on Reddit's r/AmItheA--hole forum under the handle u/Entreprenuer512: "I (F45) have a fiance (M55) who is retired military officer. I own a successful company I started 7 years ago and have a small staff of 25. I worked my way through college, paying as I went. Therefore, I graduated in my early 30s with a double major in Accounting and Business Management. I am very proud of that."

OP worked really hard as an accountant, programmer, and IT personnel. Then, she was finally able to have her own business that's not too big but has a wonderful staff. Her sister is also a big help as her office manager. Her family feels so blessed and proud.

However, her fiance, who could be very supportive in private, would turn into an egocentric jerk when they were with other people, including OP's family. She has been extending so much patience toward her fiance's behavior, but during one important event, her patience finally snapped.

OP wrote, "I recently pulled him aside and asked him to just introduce me as a consultant at the event we were going to. While there, we were talking to a prospective client (for my company), and he says, 'she has come a long way for a bookkeeper.' I know my face had a full blush at that, so I excused myself and walked away. We had both driven there, so I got in my car and went home (we both own our own townhomes). I sent him a text to let him know I was leaving and would talk to him later."

What followed next? According to OP, her fiance thought that she was overreacting. Meanwhile, her family thinks he was "a controlling a-s that has no respect for her or women. Later, they had a conversation, and her fiance was insisting that she was lucky to have him.

But, in an update, after thanking everyone, OP said that she finally broke up with him. She wanted someone who really cares about her and treats her with pride. Her family celebrated with champagne.

They did have a second conversation based on OP's second update, wherein her ex-fiance told her that he was willing to let "things" pass and for them to start over again. But OP refused and advised him to read the AITA responses to her post. Her ex was sad, but then he asked her "what I was going to give him for his help with MY Company."

As an ending worthy of applause, OP wrote, "After the shock wore off, I handed him a dollar and walked away. Told the family, and my brothers wanted to pay him a visit. I told them I handled it and gave him a dollar. We all laughed, went to the store, and got more champagne. God, I love my family!!!!"

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