Groom's Ex-Wife Made a Total Fool of Herself at His Wedding

Groom's Ex-Wife Made a Total Fool of Herself at His Wedding

“Closure looks different for everyone, but at its core, it’s a sense of completion and release from the entanglement of the relationship,” Myree Morsi, a mental health therapist, explained in VeryWellMind.

Closure gives a person the chance to move forward without the burden and pain of constantly looking back. It provides you with a sense of understanding, inner tranquility, and acceptance of the final end of the relationship.

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However, for some people, it can be quite difficult to find closure. Time may have passed, but they keep on thinking about the relationship and having regrets. Some may continue to feel guilty, ashamed, or confused. Others can't get over the grief.

There also those people, out of pride, who may try to hide their anger or resentment. They are willing to wait for an opportunity to take their revenge on the person who hurt them -- or the person who, they believe, has stolen the love of their life.

Posted on Reddit's r/pettyrevenge, this woman has been friendly and kind toward her fiance's ex, and yet, she was "betrayed" on the day of her wedding. However, the vengeful ex's plan backfired and -- well, a person reaps what she sows.

Here is OP's story with the username u/internetdramalobster: "Someone suggested I post this story from my wedding here, featuring my husband's ex. Important info - we decided to have a micro wedding, with just our immediate family there, around 10 people. We got married at a venue that is known for holding very large events, but we hired a smaller room there."

OP continued to explain that her fiance (now husband) has a child with his ex-wife, and this was the reason why he saw her often. In order to see his kid adorably dressed up and have a good parenting relationship, OP and her fiance had always kept in mind to invite his ex to the wedding.

However, even before they could tell her, her fiance's ex announced to them both that she intended to attend their wedding and asked the couple about the date and the venue. And so, her fiance told her, although they didn't inform her that it was just a small wedding with family members only, since it seemed unnecessary.

OP continued to write in her post about what happened on the day of the nuptials. "On the day, she showed up to our morning ceremony wearing the shortest dress I've ever seen, over stockings and suspenders (the suspenders could be seen for a good 6 inches before the bottom of the dress), skyscraper heels, nightclub makeup, and costume jewelry. My father actually pulled me aside to ask 'who hired a stripper?!'"

It was afterwards that OP learned from mutual friends that her groom's ex had sent text messages to all of them, asking when they were getting there. When they told her that it was family only and the reception was a separate affair, it was then that this outrageous woman started to panic.

OP was glad to finish her post with the following words: "And I had the best petty revenge. I asked everyone to be EXTRA nice to her. Every time she tried to sneak away, someone would engage her in conversation. She was extremely uncomfortable and ended up sitting down with her coat covering her. The wedding went off without a hitch. I'm not sure what she expected to happen, but it all worked out fine in the end 🤷🏻♀️"

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